Hero Ashitaka Kilrayne, adventurous Shienaran woodsman

Level 22 (male)
Age: 60d 10h 45m 4s
Bartle type: (ESAK)
Can be mailed at: Ashitaka@Fal Dara Palace
Info: The Creator made women to please the eye and trouble the mind.

Tale of Ashitaka Kilrayne
It was a summer like any other; Trollocs and other minions of the Dark One
One repeatedly made attacks on the Borderlands.  Arafel had been the focus 
of many of these raids and Shienar had sent a fist of troops to aid Arafel
Arafel in the fight.  One of these men was named Rotaka Kilrayne.  This man
was a fierce warrior on the field of battle.  One day, while strolling through
through the village his troop was staying at; he came across a young woman
at a stand selling fruit.  Dumbstruck by her beauty, he approached her and 
and asked her if she would like to spend the day with him; she hesitantantly
agreed.  They met later that day after she closed her stall and he led her
to a field near the town.  When they got there she was shocked to see that he
had been there already and had a romantic picnic set up.  They sat and ate,
all the while talking and getting to know one another.  This man was nothing 
at all like she imagined he'd be.  Despite his many years as a soldier, he was
was also kind and gentle.  She also astonished him; he had assumed that because
she grew up on a farm near a small town, she would be somewhat of a mudfoot, and
that was far from the truth.  She had been taught to read and write and loved
loved to read.  She knew about everything and everywhere.  They were soon with each 
other every night and day when it was possible.

The summer ended and the weather grew cold.  With the cold, the attacks grew
grew less and less and Arafel did not need the extra help any longer.  Not
wanting to be apart from the woman he loved, he asked her to marry him.  She
quickly said yes, and when he went back to Shienar, she came with him.  They
lived together in an apartment in Fal Dara.  It wasn't the biggest of apartments,
but it was home.  They were the envy of every other couple in the guard. 
That winter was a particularly harsh one.  Snow fell in near record numbers.
The temperature was especially low.  People spent lots of time indoors.  And
when these two stayed stuck indoors, things had a tendency to heat up...

Needless to say, 9 months later a baby was born. They named him Ashitaka.
They raised him with the knowledge of both his homelands. His mother
often told him of her home land. Of the harshness of the land itself.
Of the way the men braided thier hair and attached bells to the ends.
Because of this he grew his hair long and wore it in two braids, instead
of the typical topknot of the Shienaran soldier, but he went without
the bells so that he would be able to go unnoticed when need be.

He excelled in his schooling, and when he was old enough he joined the
guard of Fal Dara. He studied hard in the arts of combat and quickly 
rose in rank. His father had become the Captain of the Inner Barracks,
but he didn't want to be in his father's shadow so he requested to
be stationed with the patrols of the Blight. With these patrols he
learned the tactics of battle and became a fierce warrior much like
his father.

During one of these patrols into the Blight they were ambushed by a
group of Shadowspawn. The battle was quick but deadly. Ashitaka's group
suffered heavy losses but managed to kill all of their attackers. During
the fight Ashitaka faced one of the dreaded Myrddraal. As they fought,
the area around them cleared. For every slash he dealt, the Fade had
a counter for it. For every jab, a parry. They were a near equal match. 
One of them would gain the upper hand only to lose it to the other
a moment later. Ashitaka could sense the battle going on around him,
but his full attention was being given to the Halfman infront of him.
He went on the offensive once again, driving the Lurk back. The Light
was with him, and the Shadowman stepped back on the corpse of a Trolloc,
causing him to lose his balance. Ashitaka took advantage of this and
 forward, his sword piercing the Fetch's chest. The Shadowspawn fell
to the ground, gurgling, blood coming from it's mouth. Ashitaka turned
to continue the battle, but as he did so the Myrddraal struggled to
his knees, his sword still in hand. The Fade thrust it forward and it
somehow found a way through Ashitaka's armor, and slid into him like a
knife into butter. He screamed out as the taint of the blade from 
Thakan'dar filled his veins. He turned, his sword already raised above
his head and brought it down through the Myrddraal's neck, and kicked
the blade from it's hand. He looked around and saw the other Shadowspawn
falling to the ground, dieing as their link to the Fade had been severed.
He started to walk to his second in command and fell to his knees, the
world going black.

When he woke up, he was back in the Keep. He was in a bed in the infirmary.
He looked around confused, not knowing how he had gotten back to Fal
Dara. Beside his bed he saw a woman looking down upon him. He asked
her who she was and what had happened. She told him she was Alessandra
Calidan, an Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. She had arrived in the city
while he was in the Blight, and when he was brought back, unconscious
and near death, she was called upon and asked if she could help him.
She agreed and was led to his bedside. Because it had been so long since
had been poisoned, she was not sure if she would be able to heal him,
but she tried, and the Light was with him again because it worked.
After hearing this, he got up out of the bed and knelt before her. He
pledged himself to her service for saving his life and vowed to protect
her life with his own.

He was granted permission to leave his duty with the guard and when
Alessandra went back to the White Tower he went with her. Once they
got to the Tower he was enrolled in the training for Warders, but due
 his knowledge from service in Shienar, he quickly graduated.
Done with his training, he was ready to be Bonded to Alessandra.

After the Bonding, he lived a somewhat easy life for a while. Alessandra 
dealing with matters of the Tower, so he spent his time practicing
and refining his fighting skills. It was during this time that he
studied to become a Blademaster.

                               To be continued...

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