Sai of the Imran, quiet Aiel wanderer

Level 22 (male)
Age: 13d 11h 32m 6s
Bartle type: (ASEK)
Can be mailed at: Sai@Caemlyn
Info: me

Tale of Sai of the Imran
So, you wish to know about Sai, the hunter of trollocs. Or 
perhaps you wish to know why any man would devote his entire
life, body and soul to the destruction of one thing. Both can
be learned from one tale.

Sai was once an Aiel like any other, raised in the waste, and 
brought up in the Aiel way of life. 

On the eve of his 18th year, Sai's clan was moving north, 
toward the blight in hopes that a new source of water could be
found. Unfortunately, there was a band of trollocs, moving 
south, with the exact same goal in mind. 
All was quiet in the camp that night, no one ever suspected or
was prepared for what was coming in the darkness. In the dark
of night, with no moon overhead, three thousand trollocs swept 
down on the camp where Sai and eight hundred others slept. With
the eyeless driving them on, the trollocs marauded through the 
camp, killing men, women and children alike. Those who could
reach spear or bow fought valiantly, but none were spared,
except for 13 men of the spear. And as the pale rays of the sun
broke over the site of the slaughter, those thirteen swore an oath,
that none of them would return to their homeland until what 
remained of the trollocs were killed. Grabbing what supplies
they could find, they set off on a hard run, following the trail
of the murderers. When sun broke 3 days later, the group had 
already managed to separate and kill a number of trollocs, but
in that time, the trollocs had also turned the column around, 
and were on hard march back toward the blight. Sai and his
companions new that they had to finish the job before the 
trollocs could reach the safety of the dark one's own lands.
Each of the following days saw battle, and the rage fed 
slaughter of any trollocs who where unlucky enough to get 
separated from the main column, but on the ninth day, the
column stopped. Knowing full well that a group of 13 could not
hope to defeat what was estimated to be at least a thousand 
trollocs, the group decided to push on and confront the hoard
of the twisted. As the sun rose on the tenth day, Sai and the
other twelve dove head first into the mass of trollocs, knowing
full well that they would never see the dawn of another day.
The fighting lasted for an indiscernible amount of time, and
the Aiel warriors raged on, fueled by the ecstasy of revenge 
blood. But despite their fury, one by one they fell. With only
five left, they attempted to push into the heart of the mass and
try to strike at the hideous eyeless that must be driving this
mass of trollocs. They fought hard, and three of them made it 
to the center of the hoard. But when the reached it, the 
trollocs suddenly parted to reveal, not the eyeless, but a man.
A man dressed in black from head to toe, with a twisted smile 
on his hideously pale face. "I am the darkness!" he screamed. 
"I am the night! Who are you who challenge me?!" 
Flanked by his two remaining friends, Sai stepped forward and 
replied "I am Sai of the Imran, and for killing my people, you
must die as they have, screaming in terror."
A grin cracked the man's hideously pale and disfigured face.
"So you wish to challenge me?" He swung out his arms, and the
trollocs surrounding him flew in every direction. Again and
again, the man sent trollocs screaming through the air. 
Finally, he stopped, and in a low voice inquired, "Do you
still thirst for my blood boy? Do you STILL want to face my
Sai took another step forward and raised his veil, readying for
a fight. "I see." the man replied. He then raised both hands
each pointing at one of Sai's companions, with a squeeze of 
each fist, they both fell, never to breathe again. Behind the
black hood of his cloak, the main said, "So, it is to be you 
and I, to the death boy!"
Sai flung himself forward with blinding speed, and thrust his 
spear through the man's heart. With a look of surprise, the man
fell to his knees. "Now scream breath-taker!" Sai yelled. But
instead of screaming, the man began to laugh.
"Fool boy, you cannot kill me with steel!" With that, he pulled
the spear tip from his chest and cast the weapon on the ground.
This is not over boy, this is just your first lesson in fear.
Out of nowhere, the man produced a wicked black dagger, and 
slashed Sai's face from his forehead, through his left eye, and
on down to his chin. "That is a token, a reminder if you will,
what we are not finished, and I will be back for you, when you
have prepared a bit more for a fight you can not win." As the
man finished speaking, the world began to spin and all went

Sai awoke, in the middle of the searing deserts of the waste, 
soaked in the blood of his enemies and forever blind in his 
left eye. Since he had not slain those who had murdered his 
people, he could not return to the land he called home, so he
set off for the Dragonwall and the wetlands.

Sai is still seen, wandering the vast expanses of the wetlands,
and when people approach him, and ask why he does what he does,
he replies, "Look at my face, this eye, my right eye, sees as
all men's eyes do,  it sees the present, it sees where I am 
going and what battles I have stepped into, but this eye, my 
left eye sees only the past."

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